The Scientific Computing Facility provides Bioinformatics, Scientific Software Development and Image Analysis services to over 20 research groups at the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics in Dresden, Germany and across the Dresden campus.  The facility and its three sub teams are lead by Dr Ian Henry.  The facility is also part of the Core for Life, an excellence alliance of life science core facilities in europe.

Scientific Computing Facility Members

Services Provided by the MPI-CBG Bioinformatics Team

Typical Service Requests:

1. Sequence Analysis

  • Protein sequence analysis & functional prediction
  • DNA/RNA sequence analysis
  • Multiple sequence alignment

2. Evolutionary Analysis

  • Phylogenetic tree construction
  • Orthologue/Paralogue searching 

3. Structural Analysis

  • Protein structure prediction
  • RNA secondary structure prediction

4. High Throughput Data Analysis

  • Next generation sequencing analysis (ChIP-Seq, CLiP-Seq, RNA-Seq)
  • Custom microarray design assistance
  • Identification of potential gene candidates for HT screening
  • Annotation of screening hit-lists

5. Custom Code Development

  • Scripting and small tools (made available through our local Galaxy Server)
  • Data mining and workflow management using KNIME
  • Java plugin development for bioinformatics workbenches such as Geneious/CLC
  • Custom algorithm development upon request

Services Provided by the MPI-CBG Scientific Software Development Team

  • Advice and practical assistance with regard code optimization
  • Assistance in porting or using existing software in a high performance computing (HPC) environment
  • Development of tools/plugins to automate complex workflows
  • Creation of (web)apps to visualize and make available scientific data

Services Provided by the MPI-CBG BioImage Informatics Team

Service we hope to provide in the future include:

  • Assistance in the design and creation of successful image analysis pipelines and data flows using a combination of open source and commercial software packages along with custom code and tools when necessary
  • Provision of a “walk-in” consulting service for scientists to guide them to the correct software and image analysis solution
  • Training of staff in image analysis techniques and tools through workshops and practical courses
  • Collaboration with researchers to develop and implement algorithms that solve specific image processing problems from cell and developmental biology