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RNAs in their cellular context

Where are cellular RNAs?

Cell polarization and specification depends on localized proteins. A powerful mechanism to establish this is coupling mRNA localization with translational control.

I use a genome-wide approach to determine the subcellular mRNA localization patterns in the D.melanogaster ovary: Ovarian cells are large (up to 0.5mm) and transcribe RNAs in huge quantities from polyploid chromosomes.

I developed a pipeline for mass-isolation of ovaries, fluorescent in situ hybridisation (FISH) in 96-well plate format and high-throughput image acquisition and processing. The full 3-dimensional images of the expression patterns and a controlled annotation will be available in a open access public database.



update Febuary 2012: Jens Schmiedel joined as Hiwi. 

update March 2012: Diana Selig is preparing her Bachelor Thesis about RNA localization patterns and David Seniuk joined as Hiwi.

update May 2012: 2012 genes are done!

update June 2012:                                                                                              

Sept 2012

DIANA defended her bachelor and is off to do her Masters degree, thank you!


January 2013:

>5000 genes annotated>1000 genes imaged!!

= yay!